Your Brow Day


After waiting....and....waiting....and pre care treatment....the day has finally come! Nervous? Do not be. There is never a rush during any part of the microblading process. The average microblading appointment usually takes two hours from beginning to end. We will make sure that you are comfortable through every step of your eyebrow transformation.

We begin by...........

  • Taking Pictures - Microblading before and after pictures are a great way to see your brow transformation, so we snap a few quick pictures of your eyebrows before getting started, and then a few more after the eyebrow transformation.
  • Having a Consultation - We both have to be on the same page in terms of eyebrow shape and color, to give your brows the look you want, so there is heavy emphasis placed on understanding your expectations, and also helping you understand what results are possible through microblading.
  • Color Selection - We will ask you a few questions to determine if you have a cool or warm undertone.                                                                                                                                                                       Pigment color + Skin Tone = Final Color 


  • Shaping your Eyebrows - Shaping eyebrows correctly is the foundation to getting perfect eyebrows. Using what is called the golden ratio, your facial features, and some measuring, we draw the perfectly shaped eyebrows for your face directly on your skin for you to see.
  • Getting your Approval - You can take some time to examine your newly shaped eyebrows. We will not move forward with anything until you are completely happy with your brow shape. 
  • Numbing your Eyebrows - A topical anesthetic is applied to ensure pain is not an issue. We make sure you are comfortable through the entire session.
Tip: You can ask your doctor for a stronger grade numbing cream if you are worried about pain.
  • Filling out Paperwork - While your skin is numbing you will review and sign consent forms, followed by completing a brief medical history to ensure the microblading procedure will not interfere with your overall well being.
  • Microblading your Eyebrows - Using a microblade, pigment is implanted into your skin by making microstrokes that resemble hair to give you the brows you have always dreamed of. 
facial borders-09.png
Tip: There is a small scratching noise during the microblading procedure. If you think this may bother you, bring headphones to your appointment to listen to music.


Go! Enjoy your flawless eyebrows.