Q:Why nailz?

A: At Nailz, we offer a private environment free of dust and chemical odors from acrylic nailz. Our certified organic products and natural services provide a more relaxed, healthy, and natural environment. 

Q: Do you offer acrylic nail enhancements?

A: No, Nailz does not offer acrylic nail services. Some acrylics contain MMA which has a harmful odor and illegal in the state of North Carolina. We offer soft gel extensions and soft gel overly for natural nailz as an alternative. 

Q: do you do acrylic or gel fill-ins?

A: No, because we like to promote a healthy alternative for your nailz. We offer soft gel extensions and soft gel overly for natural nailz as an alternative. 

Q: What is soft gel overlay nailz?

A: Soft gel overlay is great for added extra strength to your natural nailz. Soft gel overlay is soaked off each visit to ensure healthy nail growth. 

Q: What is gel tip extensions nailz?

A: Gel tip extensions are for clients who want added length to their natural nailz. With gel tip extensions you do not have to worry about any odor and drill filing to your natural nail is not required. This system is great because there is no dust and it does not damage your natural nailz. 

Since the gel tip extensions is a soft gel we are able to ensure healthy nail growth by soaking the soft gel off each visit which will give you a fresh set of nailz along with a perfect shape.

Q: What type of gel lamps are used?

A: We only use LED lamps since its safer than UV lamps and more effective in drying time. 

Q: What are Three-Free, five-Free, and seven-Free Nail Polishes?

A: Polishes labeled three, five, seven, and nine-free refer to the amount of cut from the polishes formula. Five-free lacquers are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor or formaldehyde resin; seven-free without the for mentioned five, plus xylene and triphenyl phosphate; and nine-free without all of the above, or parabens and animal byproducts.

Q: Does Nailz provide name brand polishes to its clients? 

A: We like to offer clients with healthier polish options. Currently, we do not offer brands such as, OPI, Cuccio and CND because they contain toxins that are harmful to the body. 

Q: Can you bring your own nail kit and polish?

A: Yes, but please be advised if you bring your own polish we can not guarantee the polish will last.  


A: No, please have your acrylic, dipping power or hard gel removed before coming to your appointment. If the product is not removed, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged 50% of your service booked to the credit card on file. 

have any questions we did not answer?

Please contact us or email us at hello@nailznc.com.