safety + cleanliness

When done correctly, microblading can be a safe procedure. We take the necessary steps to protect our clients from any potential harm by focusing on cleanliness, salon environment, and microblading tools. 

  • We wear sterilized disposable gloves and a face mask while performing your procedure to reduce transmission of blood-borne pathogens.


  • We use EPA registered, hospital level tuberculocidal disinfectants.


  • We use a new microblade handles and needles for each client. All microblade handles and needles are disposable and come with sterilization marking on the package.


  • Microblade needles are discarded in a Sharps bio-hazard container following every procedure to reduce the risk of transmitting dieases or infection in the work area.   


  • We use disposable sheets, headbands and face cradle covers and we wipe down all surfaces after each client to eliminate cross-contamination in the work area.


  • We am certified in microblading, certified in blood borne pathogens and infection control and most importantly, we are insured.