I'm Weak

Our vegan sugar scrub packed with certified organic and nature-derived ingredients will scrub away impurities.


Restore My Soles

Add our callus treatment to your pedicure, made with 83% certified organic ingredients, will have your dry and cracked soles feeling silky smooth. 


The Dip

This treatment is a natural petroleum-free alternative to paraffin. Essential oils and Shea butter combine to create a nourishing treatment that renews and protects your hands and feet. Certified cruelty-free, contains no artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.


Restore My Hands

Made with 72% certified organic ingredients is formulated to slow the effects of environmental damage while restoring the skin elasticity, soft texture, and complexion, leaving the hands smooth and supple.                                            


I'm Treating Myself

Indulge in an exfoliating + mask treatment, paraben and dye free, which will soothe, hydrate and renew your hands and feet. Best if paired with, restore my soles.


Relax My Achy Bones

Incorporate your choice of a vegan sugar scrub or callus treatment in addition to a customized massage with the use of hot stones which offers enhanced benefits. 


Extra Massage

Experience an extended 10 minute massage.


Gel Polish and Soft Gel Removal

(Not Reapplying Gel or Soft Gel)

Gentle remove gel polish with a non-drying sugar derived solvents lacquer remover.


2 Finger Nail Art Design

2 finger nail art design includes glitter, simple lines, foil, half-moon design on 2 nailz.

Starting at $5

Simple Nail Art Design

Simple nail art design includes french, glitter, simple lines, foil, half-moon, nail decals, and small studs.

Starting at $10

Detailed Nail Art Design

Detailed Nail Art includes hand-painted, chrome, nail decal encapsulation, holographic, multiple colors, and small studs

Starting at $20

Custom Nail Art Design

Custom Art includes a mix of different materials, designs and allowing full artist creative control.

Starting at $30